June 8, 2022

Apple is said to have taken a milestone in autonomous automotive technology

Apple would like to launch trials of new autonomous vehicle technology on public roads soon. The group has taken a “milestone” in the development of its autonomous systems and has completed much of the groundwork in the development of the internal vehicle chip, as the financial news agency Bloomberg reported. The test fleet used on Californian roads could soon be equipped with the new technology and new sensors and make its first trips.

After a change in project management, Apple will now focus entirely on the development of an autonomous car, writing Bloomberg. The objective is to bring the vehicle to commercial maturity by 2025 and therefore earlier than planned internally. It should also be able to drive completely independently from the start, and one of the goals is to dispense with a conventional steering wheel. However, the feasibility of these ambitious goals would also be questioned by some employees of Apple’s “Project Titan”.

Apple recently hired another driver assistance systems specialist, who had previously been entrusted with Tesla’s ‘autopilot’ – and who expressed doubts about the promise made by Tesla boss Elon Musik, soon to have completely autonomous capacities.

Apple’s automotive project has reportedly seen a notable number of managerial changes over the past few years, which is unusual in the development of Apple products. The head of development Doug Field left Apple last to take over the management of the automaker Ford, he would have been replaced by Kevin Lynch, who would be entrusted with the software development of the Apple Watch.

No more Macs and me

No more Macs and me

No more Macs and me

Reports of the development of an “Apple car” have been around since 2015, originally speculation that production would start in 2020 was speculated. Apple never wanted to confirm work on an electric car, only the development of autonomous systems has been publicly documented. The latest report at least pushed up Apple’s stock price, which hit a new all-time high on Friday.


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